Sunday, April 11, 2010

Game 8 - Nobody F**ks with the Jesus

That had to me my least favorite game in the entire history of THE TEAM. There was all that childish tension in the air because their bowling ball of a pitcher was looking for a fight. Many members of THE TEAM sounded like they were ready to roll around in the dirt too. The umpire did not give The Jensen Warriors the option to play beyond the mercy rule because he recognized a deteriorating situation and just stopped the game.

That's a drag because THE TEAM was playing well. We were hitting well, we were keeping the errors minimal and Chris was pitching a solid game.

Well, at least that makes win number five so we cannot have a losing season.

Victor was feeling cheated because a great catch he made a few games ago was not acknowledged in this blog. I spend a lot of time wishing Victor was gifted with the ability to keep quiet for a moment but I have to agree with him on that. That should have been in there somewhere. He was solid and error free for game 8 but, in keeping with the Lebowski theme I would just like to tell him "Shut the f**k up Donny"

Didn't Victor hit a home run too? We will name him Game 8 Jeffrey. Game 8 Maude will go to CJ for not choking anybody when she was accused of doing just that, and for not choking anybody when she probably should have. (I'm talking about their mad doggin' pitcher)


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