Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Team - Game 4

So no one blogged about Game 4 against Fugettaboudit.  I'm not entirely sure I remember everything about it, but I do know that we lost by only one heartbreaking run.  It was pretty evenly matched and it sucks to lose in such a close fashion.  I don't know about anyone else on The Team but I take those losses a lot harder than getting blown out.  I think I tend to analyze it too much and blame myself -- 'If I didn't walk that one batter, he wouldn't have scored on the subsequent hit and that's the one-run difference right there.'  I know it's all a Team effort and you could just as easily say, 'If that person got on base' or 'If that if that if that.'  ENOUGH!

The Team did well and it was a tough loss.  But we're back in action tomorrow and will hopefully stomp a mudhole in Victorious Secret and walk it dry!


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Jenny said...

Let's just Fugettaboudit this one.