Monday, October 4, 2010

THE TEAM is Clutch

For the second week in a row THE TEAM wins on the last at-bat. The Eye Catchers had some pretty good players. They lost their first two games by a lot so it was a surprise to see that they could play. It was a back and forth game with THE TEAM up 12-8 going into the sixth. We gave up 5 so THE TEAM needed one to tie and 2 to win. Jenny drove in the run we needed to force the tie breaker.

It looked like big trouble when the Eye Catchers managed ten bases but Lou and Jenny both hit singles and Peter L cleared the bases for a total of 11 for THE TEAM.

Sweet Victory!

THE TEAM should be proud. We keep it together and come through when we need to.

Many tacos for Lou! He played out of position and pitched a great game. He also went 4 for 5 with two triples and and home run.

Jenny gets tacos for going 4 for 4 with the much needed RBI in the bottom of the sixth. She also showed heart and hustle in the tie-breaker.

Let's give a vegetarian taco to Peter C who was patient at the plate and had two RBIs on walks. Jude gets a vegetarian taco too for her first RBI of the season and her .600 batting average.



Jenny said...

I love tacos! Real and fictional!

Chris said...

Damn!!! Looks like I missed a hell of a game. Congratulations on picking up a clutch win!

Lou Santini said...

Everything hurts. Sore....but pain is temporary, glory is forever! I enjoyed pitching but miss shortstop. That was a fun one...and the best part is when I got home, took off my shoes and rammed my toe into a table and ripped a toenail off.