Sunday, June 19, 2011

Games 4 and 5

Game 4 was The Expendables vs. The Team.  I think The Expendables got their asses handed to them 25-3 in the first game so they were probably feeling pretty used and abused by the time The Team took the field.  Their pitching staff had problems nailing the plate so we drew a lot of walks the first two innings which got a lot of people in base.  A few people were able to make good contact and bring the runs in so we had a strong lead going after 2 innings and held it throughout the game.

Handjob tacos go to Rick for a sweet line drive down the third base side that stayed fair and brought in three runs, including himself, and also to Robin for making a smart throw back to first base to get the final out of the game after the runner already had a leadoff that was rounding third.

Game 5 was The Team vs. The Shakeweights which saw Chris pitch a shutout but have his perfect game blown in the fifth inning with an errant walk.  Also, Lou hit for the Cycle and Roma went 4-for-4.  Or maybe The Shakeweights failed to show up for the game BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OF US and we won by forfeit and all got home in time for the sunset.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

Happy Father's Day!


Rick said...

Let's not forget Chris striking out the side on six pitches.

Lou said...

And let's not forget four different people hitting home runs in a game, which I think is a team record.