Sunday, October 16, 2011

Game 4 and Game 5 - TCB

THE TEAM finished the first round by sweeping a doubleheader. It's all coming together. Soon THE TEAM will take over the world. First we must take over G League. If I understood correctly, Can U Dig It also won their two games. Their loss to Team Puma has them at 4-1 just like THE TEAM. They have the tie-breaker because of the straight up victory.

But who cares about those idiots

THE TEAM is awesome! THE TEAM tied a season low by batting .469 but Lou was everywhere on defense along with the rest of THE TEAM to hold The Fockers to 3 runs. That's right one two three stinkin' runs. Peter had 5 RBIs by himself in that game.

The next game was even better. Smash scored 7 runs in the top of the first. THE TEAM scored 5 in the bottom of the first. After that we just chipped away until we exploded in the late innings. THE TEAM batted .722 with 3 Home Runs 3 Triples 7 Walks and 3 Strikeouts. Andrew hit a grand slam. Katie went 3 for 3 with 2 triples and 3 RBIs. Amy went 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Dora went 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs. THE TEAM played hard and won 25-13.


Let's look at some leaders for the first round:

Batting Average Gentlemen

Lou .889
Peter .889
Andrew .750

Batting Average Ladies

Katie .714
Melody .667
Dora .563

RBIs Gentlemen

Peter 21
Lou 14
Andrew 11

RBIs Ladies

Katie 4
Amy 4
Melody 4

Home Runs

Lou (7)
Peter (6)
Andrew (2)


Andrew (2)
Katie (2)


Lou (3)

I don't have any pitching statistics but Chris and Lou have to be acknowledged for their great work there.

Let's go out and win the second round for another shot at Can U Dig It and a Championship.



Lou said...

Special thanks to Rick for keeping it together and managing the lineup and positions, and for Randy for helping coach third base! Easily our best defensive effort (maybe two errors total in both games?) and even though our batting average tied a low (didn't seem that way), we got a lot of extra base hits and rarely left people stranded, which is key. Everyone contributed!

Douglas Cavanaugh said...

Our fearless leader is too humble to sound off, so I shall do it for him and point out that he was easily the outfield MVP last Sunday. He caught several soaring flyballs that would have resulted in points for the OTHER guys had his trusty mitt and hairy gams failed him.