Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game 7 - The Moment It All Went to Hell

Team Puma added some players. This was not the group that had their heads handed to them by THE TEAM in the first round. But you knew that. They had one guy who had some power and eveything else was just a nice line drive. I hope Gavin took some nice pictures of them.

THE TEAM, on the other hand, was not hitting. THE TEAM batted a season low .462 with 3 Home Runs, 4 Doubles, no walks and 1 Strikeout. Hey one strikeout matches a season low so that's something good. Yeah. That's somehing.

Lou and Peter did what they do every week. Together they were 6 for 6 with 3 Home Runs 3 Doubles and 6 RBIs. But you knew that.

So now THE TEAM is 5-2 with the championship dream crumbling

But you knew that



Lou said...

I'd rather skip the home runs and doubles and come out with a win....we'll just have to take out our frustrations on Flappers next week. Poor saps.

Melody said...

Love the title!

Rick said...

Back when THE TEAM sucked, all the posts were call The Moment it All Went to Hell. It's true