Tuesday, December 6, 2011

THE TEAM - The Forfeit

There were not enough Flappers for a game so THE TEAM backed into victory number six for the season. It was not the way you want to end a two game losing streak but let's not worry about that. We always celebrate with some heroin after win number six because win or lose next week, we will have a winning season.

There was a game-type function on Sunday because some of the members of Hold The Pickles stuck around to fill out the roster for The Flappers. We won that for real. There were no statistics kept because it was not an official game but if memory serves, THE TEAM batted 1.000 with 28 Home Runs 17 Triples 19 Doubles 2 Walks and 0 Strikeouts. Thank You Randy and Katina for helping out. Good Job!

My memory might be fuzzy on some of those stats but I have learned never to doubt Chris.


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Lou said...

No, you got all those stats dead on.