Sunday, November 13, 2011

THE TEAM - The slump

That's two losses in a row for THE TEAM. If we want blue t-shirts we are going to have to buy them ourselves. I'm sure The Fockers are quite pleased with themselves considering this is the first time they have managed to beat THE TEAM.

Screw those guys!

THE TEAM batted a new low of .441 with 1 Home Run 1 Triple and 5 walks. On the other hand THE TEAM had zero strikeouts. We haven't done that all season so that is something to be proud of.

Lou hit a Home Run. Peter had a streak of 23 consecutive hits come to an end. But the Ozzie Gullien book of quotes that he never actually said goes to Doug who went 2 for 3 with a walk and 3 RBIs.

Dora we 2 for 4 with an RBI and tried to knock their firstbaseman out. Enjoy your book of Ozzie Guillen quotes that he never actually said.

My wrist hurts. I'm not typing anymore



Chris #99 said...

It annoyed me to no end that they sat there and took so many walks the first inning. A lot of those balls were hit-able. Their pitcher struggled to find the strike zone the first inning but we are actually a competitive team so we swung at those. We actually want to score runs instead of walking them in. Lame. Fock the Fockers.

Lou said...

I'm with Chris #99, but I still feel bad that I couldn't find the strike zone like I normally would. Dora is one tough broad with that face plant, and Doug is fast becoming a consistent defensive threat in outfield. Amesters is all heart and once she locks down a rhythm, she'll be a force. One more inning and I think we would have had that. Gotta get our bats hot again, and believe me, The Fockers won't beat us again.

Randy said...

getting on base wins ball games.