Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bombers

The Bombers were not a bad team. Some of them looked familiar and they could do some things. However, they could not do enough to stop THE TEAM. They were having some problems with their pitching so it never really got scary.

THE TEAM batted .643 with two Home Runs, a double, 12 walks and 3 strikouts. That's a lot of walks. It seems like walks cause errors so The Bombers had a large serving of those.

The Bombers scored 4 in the top of the first and THE TEAM took it right back with 5 runs in the bottom of the first that started with a 3 run homer by Peter. That was nice. THE TEAM gave up some more runs but led for the whole game. In top of the 6th THE TEAM held The Bombers to zero runs and the umpire told them they could get another at-bat if they got a quick 3 outs. Instead Lou hit a 2 run home run to put THE TEAM up 20-13 when blue called the game.

Sweet sweet victory.

After that it was drinkies after winnies. Happy 21st Birthday Amy. Lou, Beth, Doug, Melody, Michelle, and Amy all did a great job of drinking while The Packers croaked out of the playoffs. But who cares about that crew of millionaire strangers. THE TEAM won.


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Lou said...

Great victory. We should take more walks. Walks lead to runs, quite simply. I can honestly say we have the best pitching in the league. We give hitters a chance and we seem to get pitchers that hit near the strike zone 50% of the time if they're lucky.