Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Burbank Chills

The Burbank Chills. What a horrible name for a softball team. At least they didn't have s**ty nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. Did they? They were a pretty inexperienced group and they are going to improve a lot as the season goes on. Not his week though.

THE TEAM batted .500 with 2 Home Runs, 2 Doubles, 2 Triples, 2 Strikeouts and 11 Walks. The Burbank Chills were held scoreless in 4 of the 6 innings and that's how THE TEAM won 15-7.

Lou and Peter hit home runs. Those guys are clearly A-League talent on a G League team. Let's name our award after them. The Lou and Peter Award goes to Randy going 2 for 2 with a walk and an RBI and ending the game with that sweet double play.

Should we award Melody a Dora Award? Dora always hustles and it seems to help THE TEAM get its motor going. Melody went 1 for 1 with an RBI and 2 walks. Let's give the Melody and Dora Award to Amy who made a great catch for a 3rd out in Right Field.

Is anyone else confused?

It was a great game by everyone



Doug said...

Damn that game was fun. What a great day! Good job The Team!

Lou said...

Actually, we had three home runs...I had one and Peter had two, right? Solid effort. Very simple: if we all bat .500 and we keep the errors to three or less per game, we win. Also, when we score 15 or more we win, like 90% of the time. 16 or more it's even higher. Loved the DP and Amy's catch. We get Amy's bat hot, and we will be more balanced. Michelle is improving, Dora hustles, Melody's solid...I'm clearing space on my mantle for a trophy....

And you're right, The Burbank Chills will get better if they'd shut the fuck up, ease up on the Drakkar at third base and not swing for the fences every time.

Plus, we're taking walks. That generates runs...

Nice rocket for the triple, Papa Smurf!

Rick said...

You are correct Lou. Three Home Runs. I have no comment on the Drakkar at 3rd base.