Sunday, March 4, 2012

That Was Close Too

THE TEAM got a little two out rally going in the bottom of the 7th. THE TEAM scored 16 runs. There was a great catch by Beth. There was a 2 RBI triple by Doug and a 2 RBI Double by Dora in there too but it wasn't enough.

THE TEAM batted .632 with 8 Doubles 1 Triple 1 Walk and 3 Strikouts.

The Lou and Peter Award goes to Chris. He went 4 for 4 with 3 Doubles and 2 RBIs. He also pitched a gem and turned a doubleplay.

The Dora Award goes to Amy who went 4 for 5 with a double and an RBI. That RBI double was part of the two out rally so not only is Amy starting to hit, but she is also clutch. Amy had a rough start to the seasom but in the second round she is batting .600 with 3 RBIs, 3 Doubles, 1 Walk and Zero Strikouts.

Does THE TEAM miss Melody and Jad?

Yes! It was a 16-18 loss. Those two are worth 3 runs at least.


KISS still sucks



Anonymous said...

Great game. Closely contested and fun. I still hate losing. Let's shut down both teams in our doubleheader next week. Hopefully we can still secure a berth in the championship game.


Lou said...

This is the first time we've lost scoring 16 runs, but the theory still holds. If we score 16 AND keep errors down to 3 or less in a game, and if everyone gets at least one hit, we are solid. This is also the first game in a long time with no home runs. But we are hitting well and the team is becoming clutch and we fight to the end, which is why I like you all. But I fucking hate losing. Just wait until my finger is 100%. The wrath!