Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can U Take a Swing

Can U Dig It sure does like to takes their walks.  We all know they aren't there to do us any favors and swing at garbage but come on!  It's the same thing they did last time but it seems to be working so I'm sure they all hoisted a Zima and cheered their shrewd softball acumen after the game.

Here is what the Winter 2013 Roster looks like:

2 Summer
3 Lou
4 Jenny
8 Cassie
10 Melody
12 Natasha
15 Jad
18 Rick
19 Doug
21 Randy
24 Peter
25 Dora
27 Victor

Welcome back Jenny and welcome back Victor.  That is a dangerous looking group there.  That dangerous looking group batted .531 with 3 Home Runs 2 Triples 2 Doubles 1 Walk and 1 Strikout in a 22-10 loss.  There is still a lot to be excited about though.  There were Home Runs by Lou, Peter and Victor.  We put together a nice little two out rally.  Let's shake the rust off and shock the world.  Or at least let's shock F League.



Lou said...

Warm bats, yes. HOT bats, not yet. 5 errors cost us 5 runs, and their walks didn't help...I also notice they always take their walks early in the game THEN start hitting...I don't know if that's because they hate me as a pitcher (in which case, let Natasha throw the whole game) OR that's just how they pussily operate. Yes, "pussily.".

Doug said...

This team has monster potential. Once we got all cylinders firing we're gonna be hard to beat. I'll work on my game and hope everyone else does the same. While all the time observing Natasha's directive to "relax and enjoy yourself".

Randy said...

I will relax when I'm dead. For now, I want blood.