Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Doubleheader

Doubleheaders are taxing.  Who else is tired?  Who else has some tasty portion of their sexy body hurting after two softball games? 

All right that's enough

A little pain is so much more manageable when THE TEAM sweeps a double header.  That's not just sweet victory, that's sweet sweet victory.

THE TEAM started slow against The Madbatters with no runs in the first or second inning.  Finally Doug drove in Cassie to break the seal and we started chipping away.  THE TEAM was still not doing the usual super caliente job of hitting.  There was one triple and one double.  The other 20 hits were all singles.  However those singles all added up to a beautiful late rally and a 17-15 win for THE TEAM.

The second game was against Team Puma.  Lou had a 3 run Home Run.  Peter had a 3 run Home Run.  Victor had a 3 run Home Run.  Team Puma never stood a chance.  Jad was waving them in all night from the third base coaching box.  Eight of the 11 players on THE TEAM had RBIs.  Great effort!

Now we move on from sweet victory to sweet slumber


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Lou said...

We kept our poise in both games....I like my softball victories like I like my sex: come from behind. No, seriously, errors plagued us in the first game, but maybe one error in the second helped seal the win. Key defense: Victor's game closing catch in the first game, and Peter was a machine all day at short, and Rick had two genius snags at first for big outs.