Sunday, February 24, 2013

The First Round

So that was round 1 of F League.  Right now as this is being typed, Can U Dig It is playing the Madbatters.  If the Madbatters beat Can U Dig It by a score of 29-22 then THE TEAM wins the first round.  Of course no team in any league this season has scored 29 runs so I think we are not going to make it through the tie breaking process.

Enough of that baloney

THE TEAM started slow and scored zero runs in the first two innings.  Victor finally broke the seal with an RBI double.  THE TEAM chipped away with some nice rallys and Doug hit a Home Run and now THE TEAM is 4-1 going into the second round.

Here are some first round leaders:

Batting Average Men

.944   Lou
.842   Peter
.750   Rick

Batting Average Women

.500 Melody
.417 Natasha
.412 Cassie

RBIs Men

17 Lou
15 Peter
10 Rick

RBIs Women

4 Melody
4 Dora
3 Jenny
3 Cassie
3 Summer


3 Lou
3 Rick
3 Doug
3 Victor
2 Randy
1 Peter
1 Cassie


3 Lou

Home Runs

4 Lou
3 Peter
2 Victor
1 Doug

THE TEAM batted .588 with 17 Walks and 4 Strikeouts.  Let's not forget the lights out pitching from Natasha, Lou and Cassie.  Big Fun Sweet Victory



Lou said...

We've won coming from behind, killing teams, and now coming from behind, gaining the lead and HOLDING a lead...we always find ways to win: hitting, defense, smart base running by all yesterday...2 big slides by Natasha "Slider" Baumgartner", big catches by Peter and Victor, and good cut off work by Doug "E." Fresh, and Summer "The Machine" Bernal...

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Rick's recap blogs almost as much as I do the games themselves. Fun reading.

Nice job, guys. By far the most exciting version of The Team I've been on thus far. --Doug