Sunday, September 29, 2013

Game 4 and 5 - The Mystery Guests

I don't know what kind of kryptonite The Dancing Homers are dealing in but they must look at the standings and wonder how THE TEAM wins any games at all.  Let's give credit where credit is due, they are a good team.  They throw strikes and they hit a lot of clean line drives.  None of that should mean that THE TEAM hits .455 with 2 Doubles and 2 Strikeouts...   and two stinkin' runs.  How on earth!  Still it was nice to see # 13 Sandy back in action hitting a single and bring all that hustle to the proceedings.

The second game started off tough and ended up weird.  THE TEAM got a face full of sunshine and went down in order in the first inning.  Comic Relief did the same thing.  Eventually the sun got the hell out of there and everybody started hitting.  Lou had 2 Doubles, a Triple and a Home Run for 6 RBIs.  Natasha had a Double a Triple and an RBI.  Victor smashed another Home Run and made a Hepatitis C joke that he was as pleased with as he was with his 5 RBIs.

THE TEAM gained a new player.  Sharon made a splash right away with some good hitting being all athletic and so forth.

Jenny finally made her Fall debut with THE TEAM and it was worth the wait.  She went 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs.  ( A run scored on her one out so THE TEAM counts that as a sacrifice ).  In fact her debut was strong enough that she gets all the old office furniture out of Lane Kiffin's office at USC.  Good to see you Jenny

Lou has a shelf full of steroids so Victor wins the Obamacare enrollment package ( Due October 1st) for his great game.  Maybe it can help with the Hepatitis thing he was howling about.

Although maybe Jenny should get the enrollment package because that clumsy ape tried to throw her out at first from left field.  That looked like bad news.  It also looked like the only way they were going to stop Jenny.  At least the umpire addressed the preposterous choice he made.  I don't know what was said but everybody was pretty grouchy by the time it was over.  When the other bozo was crying about being called out at third and blue reversed his call then weird became official.  Of course THE TEAM winning 22 - 10 means he can boo hoo all he wants. 

Sweet Victory


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Lou said...

I still stand by my statement that the Dancin' Homers aren't that good. We are 1-3 lifetime against them. We just can't play them deep and can afford to make ZERO errors and we will beat them. But at least they aren't dicks trying to make throws they have no business making. Jenny could have taken one in the head, but the foot still hurts I'm sure. Bad loss followed by a good win. Having Sharon on as a sub helps and Samantha will hopefully be a good addition. That home run was for you, Jenny! REVEEEENGGGE!