Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Lucky for THE TEAM Peter was smart enough to check the standings after the season was over otherwise the surprise trip to the playoffs would have ended up as a 7-0 forfeit.  Lucky for THE TEAM it was only an 18-5 loss. 
Maybe lucky is not the right word.  The game started off pretty tight.  It was 1-0, it was 1-2, it was 2-4.  THE TEAM kept it within reach and then...

Lou did a great job pitching and held it together when they took their walks but THE TEAM hit a mere .467 with only 3 extra base hits so that was not really the path to sweet sweet victory.  It was still fun to get an extra game out of it.  Right?  Mike got to play and he was 2 for 3 with an RBI which was 20% of the total offensive output for THE TEAM.  More importantly, Melody took some pictures that he turned into masterpieces that brought THE TEAM and all of facebook closer together.  Those pictures were probably more fun than the game.


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Melody said...

I love this post! My favorite quote of the game was when Lou hit the line drive to their 2nd baseman I told him not much you can do and his response was... "well I hit it straight to her, she better have caught it" Classic! It's always fun when we play, and because Mike did such great graphics... I may have to make a new album just for them and the future ones. Happy Holidays,