Monday, November 11, 2013

THE TEAM - Fall 2013

That was an extra grouchy season of softball but THE TEAM sure did finish strong.  The Ballers were undefeated in the second round until they tangled with THE TEAM.  Natasha went 2 for 2 with a walk and 4 RBIs.  Doug went 2 for 2 with 2 walks, a Home Run and 5 RBIs.  Welcome to Lance Armstrong's medicine cabinet.  The game ended on a heads up play by Lou and Peter to get the last out at third.  That was a great big deal considering the game ended 15-14. 

So THE TEAM finished 6-4 scoring 132 runs and allowing 125.  THE TEAM batted .586 with 13 Home Runs 36 Doubles 6 Triples 28 Walks and 16 Strikeouts.  Let's also tip the cap to Sandy and Mike who helped out when THE TEAM needed them.  Kelly was also a sub but it kind of seemed like she was still on THE TEAM.  She had an OBP of .500 and an RBI in 4 games including one where she was there to watch and ended up playing.

Now let's check you out:

Summer made some fantastic plays in the outfield while hitting .621 with 7 RBIs and a Double in 8 games.  She never struck out and ran like hell.

Lou played in all 10 games.  He led THE TEAM batting .789.  He led THE TEAM with 28 RBIs.  He led THE TEAM with 13 Home Runs.  His 13 Doubles and 3 Triples were also tops.

Jenny played in 3 games but they were great games.  She batted .700 with 5 RBIs and a walk.  Fear the cardigan

Melody played in 8 games.  She had 5 RBIs, 2 Doubles and hit .476.  She led THE TEAM with 10 walks giving her an OBP of .645.

Natasha pitched lights out in her 9 games.  She hit .457 and led the ladies with 14 RBIs.  She also had 2 Doubles and a Triple.

Samantha played in zero games.  She batted .000 but hey, she never struck out.  Oh well.  She seemed nice that one day when we met her.

Rick 10 games .536  14 RBIs 2 Home Runs 3 Doubles 1 Triple

Doug  played in all 10 games.  He batted .655 with 15 RBIs, 1 Home Run, 5 Doubles and 6 Walks.  He led THE TEAM in complaining when this blog was not submitted in a timely manner.

Peter played in 8 games.  He hit .667 with 13 RBIs, 2 Home Runs, 3 Doubles.  Peter is a solid citizen and a key ingredient to the success of THE TEAM.

Dora cranked out another 10 games of crazy pull hitting.  She batted .472 with 3 RBIs.  There were also some great plays catching foul balls from her spot at catcher.

Victor played in only 6 games but he gave THE TEAM 10 games worth of noise.  He batted .700 with 2 Home Runs, 15 RBIs, 6 Doubles and 1 Triple. 

Jeff played in 9 games.  He hit .552 with 7 RBIs, 1 Double and 1 Walk.  He legged 'em out with his jersey flapping in the wind.

Sharon played in 6 games.  She hit .421 with 2 RBIs.  Her follow through was exquisite.

The expanded playoff format means that THE TEAM has actually made the playoffs so the last post where the Championship dream was formally introduced to the toilet can be shelved in fiction.

That's exciting



Lou Santini said...

Focus, focus, focus....hit, hit, hit and leg out ALL HITS TO FIRST....don't try to extend too many plays on defense by "doing too much" and smart base running and we got these guys a second time. We can be the NY Giants to their New England Patriots in the Superbowl and deny them twice. This is THE one team that can actually go yard and their girls hit in the gap, so play the cones. Get our bats hot right out of the gate and we got it.

The Surf Bat said...

BRAVO!! I've always wanted to lead the team in complaints (what is it about other people's annoying B.S. that brings out the witty best in our fearless leader?).

I look forward to Sunday and another sterling performance from The Team. Like Lou says, play smart and we got 'em!