Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer 2014

Who would have thought that an 0-5 edition of THE TEAM could be playoff worthy by going down one step to G League.  That happened.  It happened because of the following:

1 Aerial played in 9 games.  She led the ladies hitting .655.  She had 5 RBIs, 3 Doubles and 2 walks.  She was fast and was a real smart ass throughout the season.

3 Lou played in 9 games.  He led THE TEAM hitting .800.  He led THE TEAM with 2 Home Runs.  He led THE TEAM with 5 Doubles.  He led THE TEAM with 4 Triples.  That's a lot out of one dude

4 Jenny played in 4 games.  Jenny wrapped up her farewell season by hitting .222 with 2 RBIs, 1 Double and 2 walks giving an OBP of .364.  Jenny is a flexible player, a reasonable person and a founding member of THE TEAM.  It's a drag to see her go.

7 Heather played in one game.  She batted .000 with a walk.  She knocked out of the park when it was time to bail out on games at the last minute

10 Melody played in 8 games.  She hit .421 with 3 RBIs and 3 Doubles.  She led THE TEAM in walks giving her an OBP of .621.  She was great at second base and great in the outfield.

14 Sharon played in 4 games.  She hit .300 with 1 RBI.  She kept it pleasant when she was around.

15 Natalia played in 7 games.  She hit .250 with 1 RBI.  Natalia hustled and improved a lot during her first season with THE TEAM

18 Rick 9 games .654 8 RBIs 3 Doubles 1 Triple 2 walks

19 Doug played in 8 games.  He blew up this season hitting .783.  He had 11 RBIs, 4 Doubles and 2 Walks.  He caught all of 'em in left field.

24 Peter played in 9 games.  He hit .567.  Peter led THE TEAM with 19 RBIs.  He usually does.  He also had a Home Run, 2 Doubles and 2 Triples.  Peter knows what the hell he is doing.

25 Dora played in 9 games.  She led the ladies with 10 RBIs.  Dora also had 4 Doubles.  She 0 walks and 0 strikeouts.  Dora knows what the hell she is doing

27 Victor played in 4 games.  He hit .545 with 1 RBI, 2 Double and 1 Triples.  He made the noise of 10 little league teams living off of Frosted Flakes.

38 Dave played in 9 games.  He hit .583 with 8 RBIs, 3 Doubles and 2 Walks.  Dave got back into the groove of softball and became more dangerous as the season went on.

THE TEAM has to thank 30 Kelly and 12 Natasha for helping out.

The playoffs await

The Championship is still out there



Melody said...

That was an awesome second season...
Now we nail the playoffs, take the championship and celebrate at Timmy Nolans :)

Anonymous said...


Lou said...

I am very proud of our team and our season. Especially our playoff game, we played shorthanded, we played hurt, but we played smart, loose and hard...like I like my women...except for the "smart" and "hard" part....I will miss Jenny's sweaters: "Respect the Cardigan!" I will miss Heather's consistency. And as good as Melody is at second, I think she's even more solid in outfield. While you're out there, Mel, bring me a Diet Coke ;-) "Most Improved" award goes to Natalia. Papa Smurf: Nice BA! And was that Doug's highest BA? Lotta RBIS, too! But king of the RBIs: Pe-ter! Pe-ter! And he's the league rule book. If you don't like Peter, you have a problem. Dora: the queen of hustle and the owner of the third base line. Victor...his girlfriend is cute. I like having Victor around. He makes me look shy. Best new addition: Dave our new pitcher...hitting came alive in the second half of the season. And yes, Kelly Kelly Kelly and Scooter are always welcome on our team. Kelly, bring danish.