Monday, October 13, 2014

Game 6 - Good Morning

It is difficult to look at this picture and not imagine the graphic moment that has been photo shopped over and over again by replacing that microphone.  It is not unlike the first two innings of the game last Sunday.

Hot Sunday 8 THE TEAM 0.  It was the slowest of starts.

It took a genuine team effort to climb out of the hole.  THE TEAM was workmanlike and did not give up.  Nine of the 12 players had hits and 10 players had at least 1 RBI.  There were only four extra base hits and no Home Runs.  It was just a nice collective effort.

THE TEAM was steroid worthy as a whole but let's tip our sombreros to Natasha who didn't walk anybody and drove in a run.  Natasha to the rescue.  THE TEAM had to do it without the third base coach because Jimmy finally got to show everybody that he can play.  Jimmy went 2 for 4 with an RBI and made third base look easy.


Is that the wrong Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

Who gives a shit

THE TEAM 17 Hot Sunday 13


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