Sunday, October 5, 2014

The First Round

THE TEAM split a doubleheader to end the first round with a record of 3-2.  There is a lot to be happy about though.  Everybody is improving and playing smart.  There is lots of hustle out there.  It is big fun.

Highlights and steroids are hard to nail down in the roasty toasty dusty tornado of a doubleheader.  Kelly made a great play to catch a foul ball.  Peter hit for the cycle in game 2.  Dave pitched a lot of innings.

The lab results are in and you should probably eat less bacon.  Beyond that THE TEAM scored 81 runs and allowed 59 so that's a positive.  THE TEAM hit .620 with 17 Doubles, 9 Triples, 4 Home Runs, 12 Walks and only 3 Strikeouts.

Let's look at the Leaders at the half way point

Batting Average (Gentlemen)

.850 Peter
.833 Victor
.765 Lou

Batting Average (Ladies)

.667 Dora
.556 Aerial
.545 Melody

RBIs (Gentlemen)

15 Lou
13 Victor
10 Peter

RBIs (Ladies)

6 Kelly
6 Dora
5 Aerial


Peter 4
Victor 3
Lou 2
Rick 2
Doug 2
Aerial 1
Melody 1
Kelly 1
Dave 1


Lou 5
Peter 2
Doug 1
Victor 1

Home Runs

Peter 1
Victor 1
Doug 1
Aerial 1

The lab results are in and they are growing a human ear on the back of a mouse.  It is fucking disgusting.  Beyond that THE TEAM looks sharp with the two losses being by two runs and one run.  Jimmy is holding down the third base coaching duties.  Dave, Natasha and Lou are doing a great job pitching.  The lab results are in and THE TEAM = a dangerous bunch.



Melody said...

Now those are some great stats!

Lou said...

I injured myself reading this blog.