Monday, June 29, 2015

The First Round

Victor hit a Grand Slam in the 19-10 victory over Team Coco.  It was a hot and sweaty deal.  The whole game was hot and sweaty not just the Grand Slam.  THE TEAM finished the first round with a cute little 3-2 record.  Let's look at the leaders at the half way point

Batting Avg Gentlemen

.786 Lou
.722 Peter
.643 Dave

Batting Avg Ladies

.750 Kelly
.667 Natasha
.625 Aerial

RBIs Gentleman

Peter 10
Lou 9
Victor 7

RBIs Ladies

Aerial 8
Natasha 6
Roxy 6


Lou 6
Aerial 2
Doug 2
Natalia 1
Rick 1
Dave 1
Peter 1
Dora 1
Roxy 1


Dave 2
Peter 1
Melody 1

Home Runs

Lou 3
Natasha 1
Peter 1
Victor 1
Roxy 1

THE TEAM will finish the season in F League and that sounds hot and sweaty.


1 comment:

Lou said...

Peter had one more RBI than I? I demand a recount! I like our chances in the second half. I will be stabbing all those that take intentional walks, FYI.