Monday, November 2, 2015

Game 7 - A Winning Season

That was win number six so regardless of how the next three games end, THE TEAM has its 16th winning season.

It seems like THE TEAM is really not into those close games.  THE TEAM either beats the crap out of someone or slouches into defeat while the game gets out of reach.  It's not true though.  This season there have been two 5 run wins and one 15 run loss so far but going back to last season there was a one run loss to Comic Relief and that tiebreaker with Pitches Be Crazy that seemed like the 1968 Chicago DNC.

Tight wins are usually not on the menu.

El Cid came down from E League and scored 26 runs in the first game of the second round so they were not farting around.  It was a back and forth slap fight but THE TEAM was getting what they needed from everybody to keep it close.

Jimmy went 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs.  Aerial went 3 for 3 with an RBI.

El Cid had the winning run at third and only one out when Lou and Kelly put together yet another double play to send it to the tiebreaker.

Peter ran all over the fucking place in the tiebreaker giving THE TEAM 4 bases.  El Cid had a leadoff double from some dude.  Then there was an out by some lady.  Their last batter rocketed one out to Center where Aerial made a clean catch for some sweet sweet victory.

El Cid is a good team.  They were crisp line drive hitters and looked very fluid in the field.  It would be a proud win against anybody but it gets even sweeter when THE TEAM plays up to the competition.


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Lou said...

A. This blog in general, good news or bad, makes me happy.
B. LOVE me some dramatic wins, especially over solid teams.
C. I don't think we had any mental errors, which always helps.
D. Bring on the doubleheader.