Saturday, April 1, 2017

The First Win + The First Round

THE TEAM finally got a slice of the victory pizza with all the toppings.  It was more like a thick slice of meat loaf with vegetables and mashed potatoes and salad and iced tea.

Or whatever

Dora made a meat loaf level play to catch a foul ball.  She almost did it twice.  Victor is swatting Dingers into orbit.

That's going to make F League so much fun.

Let's look at the leaders after the first round

Batting Avg Gentlemen

.833 Rick
.813 Lou
.750 Peter

Batting Avg Ladies

.583 Kelly
.500 Natasha
.429 Melody

RBIs Gentlemen

17 Victor
13 Lou
 8 Peter
 8 JImmy

RBIs Ladies

5 Kelly
5 Natasha
4 Melody
4 Dora


5 Lou
4 Peter
4 Melody
3 Kelly
3 Victor
2 Rick
1 Jimmy
1 Dora


3 Victor

Home Runs

3 Victor
3 Lou
1 Peter
1 Jimmy
1 Rick

The RAND Corporation says that the move down to F League means a championship is basically automatic.  Like a pulled pork sandwich with macaroni and cheese and garlic toast and...  and..  oh! Softball.  Yes! Softball.


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