Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The moment it all went to hell! Game 1

We were not victorious in our first contest. I wanted to make a regular contribution along the guidelines of picking a moment that the game got away from us. Hopefully there would be contributions that would pinpoint the moment it all went to hell for the other guys but for this week it was THE TEAM that got the extra large serving of hell. As far as choosing a moment goes, it seems it all went to hell when the sun crashed into the earth. It was roasting hot out there! Through the sweat in my eyes I remember Chris, Terrence and Kareena working together to turn a double play and Dave hit a home run. Those were moments it all went to heaven. GO THE TEAM!!!


Jenny said...

That double-play was sweet!

chris. said...

Yeah! We actually had two double plays in Sunday's game. Considering it took us 9 games to get our first double play last season, this is a vast improvement. GO THE TEAM!!!