Thursday, May 8, 2008


A few games ago, my boyfriend Gavin came to his first viewing of THE TEAM!!! in action. Gavin loves his camera like no other, so he brought it along and took some photos, his first foray as sports photographer.

I personally like this picture of a member of THE TEAM!!! hitting the ball because you can see the arc of the ball being it--likely a home run, knowing the caliber of batters on THE TEAM!!!. If you click on the photo or click on this link right here, you will be magically transported to the gallery, where you will see photos like the one to the right. The photo to the right of Chris and Mimma is really cool, but I suppose it indicates how that particular game went: we lost.

Even though we lost the majority of our games this last season, our first, we discovered that we have heart and gumption and wanted to continue this thing on! Hopefully our team photographer will come back and record us in action again!

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