Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scared Hitless

Our first practice game of the season was this past Sunday. We played Scared Hitless. Scared Hitless used to be a team full of Scots (there were two) who had never played softball before, However, something changed this season and they got a couple of bulkier guys that had better hits and more direct throws.

We had about 7 girls playing and a handful of guys so that 3 people sat out each time we took the field. This created an automatic cheering section. We also had a week old baby in the crowd cheering us on.

Despite the huge cheer section, the other team gained on our weaknesses quickly and racked up something insane like 15 runs in the first 5 innings.

But do not be afraid, we came back. About an hour into the game our team started doing great. Hits were made, bases were run, home plates were crossed. Things were looking up.

My favorite part was when I hit a ball to 3rd base and they made a bad throw and I got on first. Chris was the first base coach at the time (have you ever noticed that couch and coach are easy words to mix up?). The first base player was this lady with yellow sleeves. From the get-go, I wasn't fond of yellow-sleeved lady because she was eating those sunflower seeds while on the field and spitting. Ridiculous. This is NOT the major leagues, no tobacco like chewing and spitting needed. Anyway, when I got to first Chris commented, "Your team is falling apart." Yellow-sleeved lady GLARED at us. Chris and I exchanged glances. Maybe this is a had to be there story, but come on, it was funny!

In other news, we ended up losing but we got 10 runs in that last inning. Next time, if we get there maybe a little earlier and warm up for real maybe it won't take an hour to get into our groove.

You'll be happy to hear that Scared Hitless moved up to the next league so we won't be crossing paths with Yellow-sleeves anytime soon. I'm happy they moved up and we didn't because we're in a league that fits our team (unless you new Summer leaguers are particularly awesome players) and allows us to have fun rather than stressed with long innings against too good teams.

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chris. said...

LOL! I kinda forgot about that. Yellow Sleeves annoyed me, too.