Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The moment it all went to hell! Game 9

You can check the post for Game 4 when we first played Variety Pak. It says that they were a nice group of people and we were going to feel bad when we beat them in the rematch. The "we are going to beat them" part was correct but "feel bad" part was wrong wrong wrong. It felt great to beat them! It felt great to see Chris pitching so well with only a couple of walks and several strikouts. It felt great to see Tyler get an unassisted double play. It felt great to see Mimma get two RBI. It felt great to see Big Zima hit a stand-up triple. It felt great to see Lillian slam the door by making a solid play on a foul ball to end the game. Welcome to hell Variety Pak. But you're still nice people.


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