Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 3

This is like living in a alternate universe. THE TEAM is 2-1 and looking solid all around. In the whole history of THE TEAM we were 10-30 but after our win 17-7 win against the Jensen Warriors we are 12-31. OK that's still a horrible record but the point is that we are having fun and winning is more fun than losing.

There is the matter of the VGITPOSA. Peter had the complete game victory. Destanie scored every time she got on base. There were double plays. Leigh Anne voted for CJ for her consistent play and ability to make sure THE TEAM was able to get those double plays. I was thinking Meredith for all that hustle. Of course Peter brought cake...

Lets give the VGITPOSA to Leigh Anne for voting at all. God bless America.


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Leigh Anne said...

That was nice, but I still agree with you...CJ, Peter and Destanie rocked it! ...and did I mention cake....!