Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No More Mister Nice Team - Game 5 Recap

We lost, but we gave the Unicorns a run for their money! We were back 'n forth for the first 7 innings and then fell behind in the 8th inning. A pretty big improvement from the last time we played them when we got killed 20 something to nothing. Great stop by Destanie on 2nd base. The ball was moving so fast, I didn't even see it! Other great stops by Lou and Terrence, as well as everyone who played in the outfield.

On offense, everyone got some great hits in, and we were able to keep the runs coming in at a consistent rate. VGITPOSA goes to Peter for his homerun! We were awesome. The game ended 15-12 Unicorns. We lost, and that ranked us 3rd out of 6 teams. Not bad, The Team! We've come a long ways since the days when we were last.



Anonymous said...

I heard Carrie kicked some butt! She's got the wrist guard on to prove it!

Lillian said...

I apologize. I accidentally left out CJ sacrificing her hand for some awesome outs on first base!

Leigh Anne said...

That was me, I don't know why it said anonymous, I think I'm a little slow with blog stuff!
Leigh Anne