Monday, April 19, 2010

Game 9 and Game 10

THE TEAM has certainly come a long way. The Winter 2010 season is the sixth season that THE TEAM has been together. We have had members come and go but we have always managed to suck. Here is how it breaks down:

Winter 2008 2 wins 8 losses
Summer 2008 3 wins 7 losses
Fall 2008 2 wins 8 losses
Summer 2009 3 wins 7 losses

That's 10 wins and 30 losses in four seasons. That's a .250 winning percentage. That sucks!

Last season seemed like a miracle when we went 7-3 and missed the championship by one game. Those 7 wins were more than any two seasons total wins combined. That made us 17 and 33 which is a .340 winning percentage. OK that still sucks but the point is that we have improved and played hard and had fun.

Once again we have gone 7-3 only this time we get to play for the G League Championship.

As far as Game 9 and Game 10 go, it is hard to collect all the details and acknowledge everybody after a doubleheader. Here are some scattered recollections:

00 CJ brought oranges, a Manny Ramirez wig and and her flawless glove to help THE TEAM win both games.

1 Destanie was hard on herself. Destanie clearly places a high expectation on herself but she knows the game and is an MVP level performer at the plate and in the field. Don't argue with me Mrs. Garcia.

3 Lou was a perfect lead off hitter. He was able to go to right when he wanted and he covers lots of ground and SS.

4 Jenny was Magic Johnson for Game 9 and Game 10. She played C 1B 2B RF and ROV. Having a versatile and reliable player like that on THE TEAM helps get you to the Championship game.

13 Sandy had great shot into left to get and RBI in Game 9 and made a great catch in Right Field in Game 10.

16 Anabel probably has a decent batting average but a spectacular on base percentage. (I don't have any actual numbers to back that up. Who on earth would keep track of their batting average in a Coed Slow Pitch Softball League) Anabel is patient at the plate so she can draw walks and she runs hard when she hits.

24 Peter hit a home run and was robbed of another one

28 Terrence pitched well and made a great play in left on one of the those brutal line drives that can become home runs for the bad guys very easily.

31 Victor hit a home run in both games. These were not fly balls followed by a bunch of clumsy errors that would allow Victor to come all the way home. We are talking about legitimate home runs. Victor talked a lot but I wasn't listening and then he tried to destroy me.

42 Sarah drove in runs and scored runs. She made the last out in the last game catching a foul ball from her spot behind the plate.

99 Chris was his usual rock solid self pitching. He walked in a run but he didn't come unglued. Sometimes you see some of these pitchers lose the strike zone and they never get it back but not The Crippler. He keeps it together and is also a great fielder from his pitchers spot.

I felt like I hit pretty well but in the field it was like I was doing every fucking thing possible to blow the games. Sorry about that. We all make our errors but I tanked so hard last Sunday I pulled myself out of the game. I could have made better throws with my left hand. In Game 10 Lou drove me in with Sandy behind me. When I crossed the plate I tried to pick up the bat so Sandy wouldn't have to worry about tripping on it. I missed that too. I thank all of you for your patience. I'm so glad my Dad wasn't there to see that.

Oh, I guess the whole Big Lebowski theme went the way of the dodo. Oh well, Nobody reads this bullshit anyway. (I know THE TEAM reads this blog, I think I just wanted to work the phrase "bullshit" in there somewhere)

On to the G League Championship Game and Sweet Victory



sandy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Rick. Many of us read it and appreciate your eye for the details. Our uniforms, our batting averages (I know you are keeping track), how much we suck. It's your watching and placing which has helped pay off by letting us get used to certain positions and playing well with each other. Thanks Big Lebowski!

Rick said...

Thank you Sandy

You are too kind

Anabel said...

FYI...I do read this bullshit :)