Monday, April 26, 2010

THE TEAM - The wrong color T-Shirt

Of course the T-shirts were the right color. We lost. It was a good game and WP4B were sportsmen about it. THE TEAM fell behind early 5-0. Then THE TEAM tied the game. Then the alcoholics scored six more runs and we scored three more runs and they scored seven more runs and we scored zero more runs and we ended up with the box of white t-shirts. We also received a very attractive plaque that that should probably rotate with each player once a week. I will pass that along as soon as I wipe my tears off of it.

There was a lot in the last post about how much we have improved so there is no need to get back into all of that.

Here is an enchanting detail about the game: Lou took a groundball right off the kisser and then started making strong plays from SS. Chris took a shot right off his shin that turned many colors right before our eyes. Right after that he caught a line drive and doubled up the runner off first. We probably all should have bounced a ball off of our heads and rode that agony to victory and a more attractive box of T-shirts.

It was a marathon of a season with all those rainouts. But in the end

00 CJ (Cucumber)
1 Destanie
3 Lou
4 Jenny
11 Dave
12 Lillian
13 Sandy
16 Anabel
18 Rick
24 Peter
28 Terrence
31 Victor
41 Rob
42 Sarah
99 Chris

Are all inductees into THE TEAM Hall of Fame. Your images will be carved into the back of our plaque for subsequent generations to admire.

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