Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Randy

That was one of those great games where we get to play a good team but they never really threaten. It's fun and it feels competitive but The Bombers never got close to THE TEAM.

THE TEAM batted .594 with 1 Home Run, 8 Doubles, 8 Walks and 3 Strikeouts. THE TEAM managed to hit that magic mark and score 16 runs. That seems to be the key to victory. Holding The Bombers to 7 runs helps too.

Sema did a good job leading off for the ladies. Beth did a good job at Second Base. The Dora Award goes to Jad who went 2 for 3 with a walk and an RBI.

Really though this game was all about Randy. He hurt himself early but played through the pain. He held down third base as best he could and then did the only thing he could do when it was time to bat. He walked when they gave it to him and he hit perfect line drives that wouldn't require a hard run to get to first. Randy finished 2 for 2 with 2 walk and 5 RBIs. Powerful good!

THE TEAM was shorthanded going into the game but everybody contributed and everybody played hard. That's a great way to spend a Sunday.


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The Surf Bat said...

Best game I've ever been a part of. The entire THE TEAM machine working beautiful; delivering at the plate, shutting them down on defense. EVERYONE contributed something in this win.

Like I said before, it seems we play better when we're injured (Exhibit A was Melody last week. Exhibits B and C are Randy and Lou this week). After Jad leads the stretching next week I will be offering free kneecappings to anyone who thinks it might help their game. C'mon...take one for The Team! ;-)