Sunday, February 12, 2012

THE TEAM - Crashin' and Burnin'

THE TEAM must have been devastated by the loss of Whitney Houston or something. THE TEAM is much better than that. The Fockers scored 11 runs in the first inning. THE TEAM scored zero. It's hard to bounce back from that but we tried. The Swingers were a good team. Either way THE TEAM is now 3-2 and looking Z League.

Let's look at out leaders for the first round

AVG - Men

Lou .833
Andrew .833
Rick .750

AVG - Ladies

Melody .727
Dora .400
Sema .364

RBIs - Men

Peter 22
Lou 12
Rick 10

RBIs - Ladies

Melody 8
Sema 2
Dora 2
Beth 2

Home Runs

Peter (6)
Lou (2)


Lou (2)
Rick (2)
Melody (1)


Lou (4)
Peter (3)
Rick (3)
Dora (2)
Melody (1)

THE TEAM is batting .544 with 34 walks and 17 Strikouts.

There is still a second round to sweep and a championship to win. Right? RIGHT!



Melody said...

We may not have won but we played a damn good game. I have injuries to prove it.

Lou Santini said...

Yeah, I'm sore. And apologies to The Team if I pushed a little hard yesterday. If I may quote Moneyball, "I hate losing more than I love winning." We're better than the Fockers and I feel bad about the 11 runs in the beginning, but Chris will tell you, those were hittable balls and normally we can put up a few runs in the first. We had a lot of errors in the first game, and too many in the second game, but at least we had fewer errors. Amy is starting to hit, Sema is getting on base more...Dora is all heart, Melody was a machine yesterday....No HRs from anyone does hurt, although we were getting a lot of extra base hits. I hate using the term "moral victory", but we almost came back against the Fockers and keeping that second game respectable despite the fact that they shouldn't be in our division AND it was our second game, we did pretty well.