Sunday, June 9, 2013

Game 3

This looks like a good idea.  Don't you think?

Yeah! THE TEAM should be doing more of that.  The Swingers were a pretty solid group but when THE TEAM goes out there and hits .500 with 3 strikeouts it's going to be a long afternoon.  Losses should probably mean no steroids or pimp chalice or cup of greek yogurt or whatever we are awarding this season but this thing is supposed to be constructive and there were some great moments.  That means Lou gets a cup of banana pudding from the Magnolia Bakery for going 3 for 4 including a late grand slam to make it close.  Summer gets a Blu Ray copy of Les Miserables and a gallon of souvenir tears for going 2 for 3 with 3 RBIs.  Dora made a great play on a foul ball.  Everybody either had a hit or and RBI.

Hey Robinson Cano pulls his back foot up early in that video!  Man the Yankees suck.


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Lou said...

Sigh. Two things need to change: we need more extra base hits and we need more extra base hits. We are not a 1-2 team.