Sunday, June 16, 2013

The First Round

It looks like THE TEAM is back on track after a couple of shitty games.  Tiger Blood was 2-1 going in and Team Puma was 3-0 but THE TEAM swept them in a double header to finish the first round strong.  There were Home Runs by Lou and Peter and an absolute monster of a Home Run by Victor.  There was a double play by Cassie.  There is always lots of good stuff all over the place when THE TEAM sweeps a doubleheader.  Lou pitched all of both games so he should hoist a cool one but he should hoist with his left hand.

Let's look at the leaders through the first round.

Batting Average Men

.882 Lou
.800 Rick
.714 Peter

Batting Average Ladies

.750 Summer
.500 Cassie
.500 Jenny

RBIs Men

13 Rick
12 Peter
11 Lou

RBIs Ladies

Summer 5
Melody 3
Cassie 3
Natasha 3
Dora 3


Lou 6
Rick 2
Doug 1
Peter 1
Victor 1
Jeff 1


Lou 1
Natasha 1
Peter 1
Rick 1

Home Runs

Lou 4
Peter 1
Doug 1
Victor 1

Overall THE TEAM batted .573 with 16 walks and 5 strikeouts but it certainly looks and feels like its coming together.



Lou said...

How about us holding these two strong teams to 12 and 7 runs? Fuck yeah, defense!

Anonymous said...

Historically speaking, most of our errors have occurred on throws to first base. Since our gibbon-armed team captain has taken over that helm we've had practically zero errors. That's huge, guys.

Gotta give credit where it's due. Way ta go Cap'n!


Melody said...

See what happens when you're on time Summer.... .750. Amazing. Great job Lou pitching 14 innings. What a great job. Even the out field was awesome.