Sunday, March 29, 2015

So That Happened

THE TEAM split a Doubleheader.  There was a lack of rhythm and people getting hurt all over the place.  Dave hit his first Home Run.  He was zooming around the bases with a giant smile on his face so that's fun.  Roxan hit a Home Run.  That puts her into an exclusive club with Aerial.


Another player hit his 100th game in the Modern Era.  It is Lou.  Wait until you hear these numbers!

Lou has hit .829 (306-369) with 262 RBIs.  He's got 84 Doubles, 44 Triples and 67 Home Runs.  He's also got 25 Walks.




Lou said...

I was wondering when my 100th game was coming up...what's Cal Ripken's record again?

Melody said...

That's awesome stats - Congratulations Lou!

Lou said...

I'd like to thank Papa Smurf for always believing in me, my fan, "Lady" the chihuahua, Papa Smurf's dad for barbecueing the chicken that fuels my year, and Peter for letting me use his bat that helps me hit. All my teammates...and to the other teams that just take walks...go home, you're wasting my time.