Monday, March 16, 2015

Game 6 - THE TEAM = Winners

THE TEAM just keeps on rolling.  Twelve players played and twelve players had hits.  THE TEAM is playing well but the nice thing is that THE TEAM is playing realistic softball and not some weird out of our minds run that will never last.  THE TEAM has never been 6-0.  Let's bust out the Chris Kiefer Heroin because it is officially another winning season for THE TEAM.

The sentence "Lou really wore out my daughter" would normally be followed by either murder or an appearance on Dateline NBC but this is softball so let's all calm down.  Maddie went 2 for 3 and both of those singles were followed by Santini Home Runs giving him 5 RBIs on the day.  Maddie was running for Melody and got to go first to home a third time after Peter drove in two on a triple.

Speaking of Peter.  The Modern Era for THE TEAM starts in Fall 2011.  The history goes back to Winter 2008 but there were some changes after the drama of the Summer 2011 season so the continuous stats only go back to Fall 2011.


In the "Modern Era"  Peter played his 100th game.  Are you ready to admire some eye-popping numbers?  Peter has 271 hits in 366 at bats (.740).  He has 53 Doubles, 14 Triples, 47 Home Runs and 255 RBIs.  How about that!

Clearly Peter is a major reason why THE TEAM is 6-0 but it is really about how well everybody is playing together and how much everybody keeps improving.



Lou said...

Ok, I laughed out loud at the "murder and Dateline" line...well done. Really? We've never been 6-0? DAMN! Nice! Good Maddie! Keep running! Love it when the entire team hits! As good as Peter's numbers are he has zero steals. Let's go, Peter, step it up!

Anonymous said...

Needs to work on his bunting too. Rick's "Hannibal" moment regarding Lou and Maddie- priceless.

Great game guys! Everyone playing tight softball is always nice to see.

Loved seeing Maddie whack two hits in a row. And all that running! Enjoy your lactic acid reward youngster!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Yea Maddie! :)

~Melody said...

The Team is tight that's for sure! I have been with the team since 2010 I think (well since the year before Rick took the reins) and there has never been a dull moment. Congrats Peter on the 100th game and those amazing stats.
Lets make it 7-0!

~Melody said...


Maddie said...

I would like to thank all of my devoted fan.