Monday, March 23, 2015

Game 7 - Bound to Happen

The chances of having a perfect season were pretty slim.  That's no secret.  Still, that kind of collapse is hard to take.  THE TEAM was looking good just like the first 6 games of the season.  THE TEAM was looking good for the first 5 innings.  Then filled the diaper of defeat and...

Let's just skim over that catastrophe and move right on to Dora.

Dora played in her 100th game.  That's a lot of shots down the third base line and a lot of clever mall-walking around the bases.  Dora has had 161 hits for a .469 average.  She has 83 RBIs, 15 Doubles and a Triple.  She has only 7 Walks in 343 At Bats.  She is there to play.  Good job Dora.


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Lou said...

If you don't like Dora, that's a "you" problem. Congrats on the milestone, Dora! And .469 BA is HOF numbers!