Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting to Know THE TEAM - 3 Lou

Ladies and Gentlemen Lou

Q: How did you end up on THE TEAM?

A: Chris Kiefer (our pitcher) punched me into submission.

Q: What positions have you played so far this season? Do you have a favorite?

A: Third, SS, and left field, I prefer SS, but I've seen to have been in third the most. I like SS, because I can cover more ground that way.

Q: Is there a special reason you chose 3 for your jersey number?

A: Absolutely. I chose the number "3" because a) I've had that since I played high school and semi-pro soccer at number 3 and b) as a comedian, the "comedy rule of 3s" applies..."

Q: Did you play sports in school? What teams were you on and what school did you play for?

A: I played soccer and track. But my school wouldn't let us play for more than one team at a time in a season... so soccer won out...

Q: Besides your outstanding softball ability, what other talents do you have?

A: Standup comedy and the ability to repel women.

Q: Can I have $50?

A: Yes. Over an installment plan over 50 years....

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