Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The moment it all went to hell 2! Game 5

We did have some pretty good plays between the shortstops (Terrence and Joey) and the first baseman (Jenny) early on in the game, but I can't remember anything else because as the game wore on, the smell of oreo dookie on a hot bbq just got worse and worse. The second moment it all went to hell was when the direction of the breeze turned. Directly and everywhere into the dugout. I think that was also the point when Rick said "We just need a few more touchdowns and a couple more fieldgoals." Yeah. Whoever planted that smelly stuff next to our dugout had us exactly where they wanted us. I think we'll be okay next week as long as our team can breath.

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Rick said...

I am going to go to the ARMY/NAVY store and get some surplus Israeli gas masks for the next game. We will be unstoppable