Monday, June 16, 2008

The moment it all went to hell! Game 4

It all went to hell in the tie-breaker! It didn't go to Hitler's BBQ in hell. It only went to maybe the Colonel Tom Parker level of hell but a loss is a loss. Seven bases to six bases in the tie-breaker.

Overall it was a strong performance by THE TEAM. There was solid hitting all around with a Home Run by Lou. There were some great plays by Joey (Big Zima) and Lou on some hot line drives and Sandy made a solid play on foul ball.

Despite the pro level graphics by Chris on this very blog, in the first inning I made exactly that baserunning mistake. Sorry.

I have to say this though. It seemed like Variety Pak were a good-natured fun group of people. Maybe it was because I was playing more infield this game so I had the chance to talk to them and tease them but they seemed like a nice bunch. We sure are going to feel bad when we destroy them in the rematch.



chris. said...

Strong performance overall by The Team indeed, but I was bummed out by my lackluster hitting. I'd like to nominate my 0-3 batting performance as a Moment It All Went to Hell.

Rick said...

Hey! Without your pitching and strong fielding we would have lost by two touchdowns

Carrie said...

I can tell you really want to say "we lost in the tie-breaker when our girl got out at first"