Sunday, June 1, 2008

The moment it all went to hell! Game 2

THE TEAM 13 Amritsar All Stars 6. Sweet Victory! So this this post already becomes a slice of hell for the other guys. I'm going to say it went to hell for The Amritsar All Stars last Wednesday when UPS dropped the jerseys off on my porch. They go like this:

00 Carrie aka CJ aka Care Bear ( I refuse to call her Care Bear )
2 Mimma
3 Lou (In the Winter Season Mitchell & Ness throwback)
4 Jenny
9 Kareena
10 Liz
11 Dave
12 Lillian aka The Enforcer
13 Sandy aka Honey
18 Rick
21 Carrie
28 Terrence
64 Joey aka Big Zima ( I don't think anybody else calls him that but I refuse to call him anything else)
99 Chris aka The Crippler
Roberto aka The guy who doesn't have jersey

We looked like a team and we played like a team. I'm sure we are all looking forward to going undefeated for the rest of the season. Mimma made a good play on a foul ball and Roberto did a good job gunning out a greedy runner trying to turn a single into a double. We could make these plays because we were all well hydrated thanks to Carrie and Joey.... um I mean, Big Zima.



Jenny said...

Why do you call him Big Zima?

Rick said...

It's a joke pilfered from It's not a funny joke but that's where it came from