Monday, June 30, 2008

The moment it all went to hell! Game 6

I would like to acknowledge Dave's contributions to THE TEAM. If there were a highlight reel of THE TEAM Dave would be on that reel a lot. How many dives through the grass has that dude taken in centerfield? Dave is one of only two players on THE TEAM to hit a homerun. You can make the case that he is the best player we've got. So when I say it went to hell when Chris wasn't at the game and our centerfielder had to pitch, it is a pro-Chris statement not an anti-Dave statement. Now if Dave had killed Meredith with that throw to home then there would have to be some kind of anti-Dave statement.

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Tyler said...

Big ups and/or madd props to Dave for stepping up. I don't think anyone else could have done better.