Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting to Know THE TEAM - 9 Kareena

Ladies and Gentlemen Kareena

Q: How did you end up on THE TEAM?

A: Through Chris :) We met at a Christmas Party 2.5 years ago and started dating happily from then. Now we're engaged! And he was recruiting for the softball team with Jenny. Plus I thought it would be fun to play games and get exercise.

Q: What positions have you played so far this season? Do you have a favorite?

A: I've played right field and was always right (ha ha) in the first season. This summer season I've played 1st, 2nd, Catcher and Outfield. I like playing the position when I do well. It was awesome playing 1st and being part of a double play with Terrance. Other than that probably catcher because it's low pressure and you get a lot of "action" catching and throwing.

Q: Is there a special reason you chose 9 for your jersey number?

A: I was born April 9 and 9 has always been my favorite number :)

Q: Did you play sports in school? What teams were you on and what school did you play for?

A: I love playing sports and games in general. My first loves were tag and capture the flag. Played baseball little league and basketball as a kid. Then high school played soccer, touch rugby, ran cross country and played badminton. I went to school at International American schools in Asia so I played for their teams there. Then in college I didn't do as many sports. But I did participate in the Malibu Nautica Triathlon a few years ago, as part of a relay team doing the 1/2 mile swim in the ocean :) I like being active :)

Q: Besides your outstanding softball ability, what other talents do you have?

A: I think i'm a good writer and I'm artistic, love painting and such. Plus I learn stuff pretty quick. I can beat Chris at Scrabble and word games. And I can move my ears without touching them with my hands :)

Q: Can I have $50?

A: Sure. I'll give you a $50 bill only if you give me a $100 bill. One for one - fair trade :)

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