Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Infield Fly Rule

"An infield fly is a fair fly ball, NOT including a line drive or attempted bunt which can be caught by an infielder, pitcher or catcher with ordinary effort when first and second OR first, second and third base are occupied with less than 2 out. There is judgment by the umpire what ordinary effort is."

But if your glove looks shaky because the ball is so high that it probably went by the Milky Way on it's way down and it looks like you are not giving enough of an effort, even if the ball touches your glove on the way down....the infield fly rule will not be called.

But don't worry, when you botch a catch and the shortstop is there to back you up, you end up with an unassisted double out at second.

Unassisted double play you say? How can that be? This is how it can be. *Shortstop Lou fielded the ball that rolled off the tip of my glove, and threw it to Tyler who gave chase to the guy running from second to third. Scared, the guy ran back to second. But NO! Not possible! There is someone coming from first to second! What now?! Tag 'em. Both. The girl coming from first to second doesn't know what to do when someone is already there--she can't go back, the batter is at first, but she can't go forward because someone is still must go on, 2 outs at second.

And just like that, we held them all game. Up by three in the first inning--and not one more run to show for it. There were some good catches, some good stops, and a lot of teamwork. The The Team really stepped it up. AND we got runs. Walks and Runs, hits and catches, plays like a real team.

The Team 7 - Variety Pak 3 (this might not be the actual final score)

*It has come to my attention that the botched catch + the 2 outs at second may not have happened at the same time, but, whatever, it SOUNDS good, right?


chris. said...

That infield fly call was bogus. WAY bogus.

Jenny said...

That final score is correct.

Tyler said...

No, the double play was a grounder to third. But you got the rest right, the dude tried to run back to second and then the girl didn't know what to do.

We almost got another double play an inning or two later when I tagged a guy and then threw to second, but the throw went over Sandy's head.

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